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Italian Slate FAQs

For any billiard table of fine quality, an essential component is Slate, more specifically, Italian Slate. Unearthed in Italy, Slate is a bluish-gray rock, cut by a diamond bladed gangsaw, into slabs that form the playing surface of quality billiard tables. Italy, the birthplace of the world’s quality Slate is likewise home to the most technologically advanced and experienced Slate manufacturers. Italian Slate provides the optimum playing surface and is by far, the greatest value for your money.

In Northern Italy, particularly the Ligurian region, the finest deposits of slate in the world are found. The Slate quarried in the Ligurian Mountains has two notable characteristics. First, it can be cut into large blocks so any size table may be produced. Second, the moisture found in this particular Slate gives it tremendous elasticity, making installation into whatever size table almost effortless.

When a single sheet of Italian Slate is cut, ground, and polished to perfect flatness; the truest roll and smoothest playing surface is then created. A table designed with a single sheet of slate requires no shimming, adjusting or readjusting, but provides a smooth, perfectly flat surface with the truest roll.
The playing surface is the most important aspect of the table. With a single sheet of Italian slate, no separation will occur and additional costs to the customer will never take place. With a sturdy frame, and a single sheet of slate for a smooth playing surface, the customer is always guaranteed years of enjoyment without additional costs due to separation of 3 slabs found in lower quality tables.